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Thursday 16th November – 7.30pm

Friday 17th November – 7.30pm

Saturday 18th November – 7.30pm

Sunday 19th November – 7.30pm

Written, Produced and Directed by T. Froy

Publicity manager: Jack Villani
Lighting/sound operator: Veronica Victa
Running time- 45 mins


Blog: soithoughti.blogspot.co.uk

‘Hommo’ deals with the eroticism of masculinity. It follows two men as they prepare to kill a woman, and concurrently seduce another woman. The narratives run alongside each other as the men try to achieve their ideals of manhood. These extremities of violence and desire seek to expose the powerful undercurrents of sexuality in hyper-masculine relationships and interactions. The play confronts and criticises modern masculinity, presenting a naked vision of the hidden sexuality of gender