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21st March-»31st March

Nick meets Karen and their lives will never be the same again. In a world where love can be swiped on a whim and the path of your whole life is determined by the delay of just one train, is there ever the right time to say what you really feel? Proforça Theatre Company presents this new piece of writing making its debut in Spring 2018 about a search for fulfilment, second-hand love and the hope of one day becoming something better than you are


26th March»27th March

Imagine someone else's life, just for a minute. Proforça Theatre Company presents "Feel+ (Feel More), An evening of six new pieces of writing from the universe of our main production of "Feel" making its debut in Spring 2018. Six new characters living their lives in the modern world we live in. Six new stories about searching for fulfilment, searching for love, searching to get lost and searching to be found again

ward 6 The Lion and Unicorn Theatre
Ward 6

2nd April»8th April

Highly acclaimed adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s short novel “Ward 6”. Amongst the patients of a provincial lunatic asylum we find Nina from ‘The Seagull’, Sonia from ‘Uncle Vanya’ and other famous Chekhov characters... Here Chekhov explores the conflict between reality and philosophy in the cruellest possible way

Other People's Children
Other People's Children

4th April»2nd May

Calling all class clowns and troublemakers - school is in session and all of the cool kids are in Detention! Boasting players from some of the top improv groups on both sides of the Atlantic, Other People's Children (and special guests each week) weave improvised scenes and stories from regrets, memories and general misbehaviour from the audience


9th April»14th April

Skewered by life. Four women, two plays and one fantasy world of unfulfilled dreams.30 years on Clare McIntyre’s Low Level Panic still hits hard. Three flatmates live and reveal themselves in their bathroom.In Candice Morel's Cold Loneliness, the perfect image of an illustrious cabaret star of the 30s is shattered

the_line_up The Lion And Unicorn Theatre
The Line Up

15th April»23rd April

By The Bonnington Playwrights. A new thriller for 2018. Four women, one detective and a body impaled on the railings of a seaside hotel. Is it murder, manslaughter or an accident?

Lolita and Richard III

3rd May»20th May

Theatre Collection continues its repertoire reputation with these two mind-blowing and provoking masterpieces. Is ‘Lolita’ a story about “The Monster” and paedophile? Or it is a story about unfortunate love and a child lost in time? Is Richard’s strongest desire being to became a King? Or it was passionate revenge to the whole ‘normal’ world?

Never Choose Again The Lion and Unicorn Theatre
Never Choose Again

31st May»

Brand New Writing that drives a verbal screwdriver to the heart. We love you so much we'll swallow literary razor blades to prove it. This is our devotion to you, we'll bleed our filthy hearts into your ears - and you'll be purified in a crucible of infernal storytelling and short sharp shocks of theatre. Insomniacs welcome and lovers encouraged

The Seagull and Hamlet

4th June»17th June

THE SEAGULL - How far you can go to keep your lover? How far you can go to become an actress? Sexual, provoking and mind blowing modern interpretation of famous Chekhov masterpiece. HAMLET - SOLD OUT hit of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Post- post – modern world…otherwise – TODAY. Hamlet is – a film noire, Hamlet is a kitsch, Hamlet – is a decadence, Hamlet is YOU and ME


26th June»27th June

Coates and Cooper, a female comedy duo bring badly behaved characters Keith and Barry to life using a mix of innovative technology, to reveal the Comedy in a kidnap. The duo combine stand up and comedic performance in this new theatrical blast