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Volunteers Wanted

31st July-»27 Aug

Be part of the Fringe family! Your chance to be part of the Camden Fringe by doing Front of House duties during this busy Festival period. We welcome volunteers to do shifts of three hours. You will get the chance to see our shows for free and get your travel expenses paid. Contact chris@lionandunicorntheatre.co.uk with your available dates and contact details. Over 16 years only.


Spit and Polish

21st May-»

Spit & Polish are proud to present spoken word superstar Luke Wright’s new show The Toll. If you haven’t seen Luke perform you should, if you have, you’ll surely want to see him again. Joining him is the equally talented Maria Ferguson, whose show Fat Girls Don’t Dance has been playing to sold out crowds up and down the country. Don’t miss this one, you’ll regret it!

Maria Morena Lion And Unicorn

Maria Morena

1st June-»2nd September

This musical comedy show tells the funny story of a young Spanish farm girl that travels to London to fulfil her dream of becoming a 'Superstar'. With original music and songs by composer Alex Paton, more than 2000 computer controlled LED lights, film digital special effects, neon lights, spectacularly designed costumes and a powerful inspiring message 'Maria Morena' is not a conventional show!


Beauty and the Beast

4th June-»11th June

Jellyfish come to The Lion and the Unicorn with their funny, accessible brand of storytelling theatre for families. Lost in the forest, a merchant stumbles across an enchanted palace and shelters there for the night. In the morning he sees a rose in the garden and picks it for his youngest daughter, Beauty. Suddenly a beast appears and he is FURIOUS with the merchant for stealing his rose...For children aged 4+ (and their friends and families)


All That

6th June-»10th June

In a bid to improve their current financial crisis, Taylor and Riley decide to rent out their spare room - and it’s Jamie and Parker, another young-ish gay couple, who are chosen to move in. All That, written by Shaun Kitchener (Hollyoaks, Positive, BAFTA Rocliffe winner 2016), is a timely look at love and monogamy; a funny, frank and razor-sharp examination of modern gay relationships


17th June-»

The 'Young, Gifted & Terrified Cabaret Cult' is starting its raucous reign of terror inside The Lion & Unicorn Theatre this June. Presenting their all-new night of alternative cabaret, packed with the freshest faced artistes who deal in the satirical, the surreal and the sublime to chase away your 21st century blues. Fronted by the insightfully churlish, childish and garish cult leader the Great Reverend Nayf and backed by a stomping and soaring soundtrack

Hamlet Fool

21st June-» 22nd June

Ovlyakuli Khodjakuli, one of the most distinctive Central Asian directors, stages “Hamlet” as a street performance of a fool, a witness of the real Hamlet’s death. His astonishing metaphors grow out of straw and sand, fire and clay, water and sheep wool, wheat seeds and silkworm cocoons. Being deeply rooted, he temperates the forces of nature and the most inconceivable of them turns out to be the human’s soul. The leading part is played by russian Anastasiya Zinovieva, who returns to London after her performance in Little Prince

What Keeps Me Awake

27th June-» 1st July

A series of brand new short plays to keep you up at night. Come with us into the dark diverse world of those still awake, struggling or thriving in a complex world. Our ensemble cast tackle 12 shorts by different writers, all around the same theme but vastly different in interpretation - we have black comedy, psychological horror, romance, satire, & the supernatural, bundled together in a tight package. We hope you're ready!

Romantic Encounters in a Darkened Room

17th July-»19th July

'Romantic Encounters in a Darkened Room': Darkly bizarre sketches, original music and unashamed use of multimedia combine in this modern comedy experience, from the mind of Cambridge comedian Charlie Robb. Charlie’s eccentric character comedy brings to life the heartache of individuals who are more connected than they seem, including a sexually-repressed vicar, and a tortured children’s entertainer. This is the bittersweet tale of heartbreak told by an optimistic idiot


24th July-»25th July

Mark is a chemical engineer. He loves chess. He lives with his mum. A teaching assistant has had it up to here with her own conscience. A caretaker grows tired of childrens’ vomit. Unfortunately, their story is constantly being interrupted by chaotic sketches, we see a French disco, a period drama and a very sad potato..? Leaf is quite possibly the theatrical spawn of Monty Python and the Mighty Boosh. Brace yourself

Blink LAU

Blink Of An Eye

26th July-»30th July

A tale of modern gay London; where dreams live and die and everything changes in the blink of an eye. This brand new musical follows a young, gay man as he journeys through life with his eyes wide shut.Blink of an Eye is a brand new musical written by Terry Gee with arrangements and additional lyrics by Andy Collyer. It is funny, emotional and compelling; a snapshot of modern gay life from one man’s perspective

Dr Marigold's Prescriptions

Dr Marigold's Prescriptions

23rd October-»24th October

One of Charles Dickens' short stories. From the moment the motor-mouthed 19th Century travelling bric-a-brac salesman Dr Marigold ambles onto the stage, we are hanging on to every word of his engaging banter whilst taken on a journey through the towns and villages of 19th Century England and the ups and downs of his colourful life. Dickens himself would surely give a nod to this glorious adaptation.