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Hodgson, Simonsen & Kealy

24th JULY-»

Three Edinburgh Previews early on a Sunday night from two funny guys. You'll be home by 10, if you want: Kieran Hodgson in ‘Maestro’ and Alex Kealy in ‘Alex Kealy is an idea whose time has come’

triple threat

Triple Threat

26th JULY-»

Sketch Comedy: Three giants (both literally and figuratively, the height difference is positively palpable) of sketch comedy come together to preview material ahead of Edinburgh. For your delectation and delight we present; Shelf, Three Men in a Boot and the UCL Graters



28th JULY-»30th JULY

Key relationships from Shakespeare's classics reimagined through context and gender-flipping. The language is the same, but the words and power have changed hands... and, so has the corset

Script To Screen

Script to Screen

29th JULY-»31st JULY/12th SEPT-»14th SEPT

A workshop that offers a collaborative and supportive introduction to screen acting, from script to screen, with a professional director. Allowing the actor to walk away with a small recorded and edited scene for show reel purposes


Camden Fringe 2016


From the 1st August and until the 28th August 2016 the Camden Fringe comes to The Lion and Unicorn Theatre for another celebration of theatre, comedy and fringe fun

Silent Wings

Silent Wings


Silent Wings follows the lives of four young Jewish people inside Theresienstadt, a Czech concentration camp. The play is inspired by a published collection of art and poetry by children and young people living there

Script Mix

Script Mix

10th AUGUST-»

Script Mix is a rehearsed reading event profiling writers who are longstanding, or recent, collaborators with theatreLab. theatreLab connects theatre creatives to stimulate ideas and develop new theatre work



14th AUGUST-»

Ava is losing her mind. Theo is in Paris performing in front of thousands of screaming fans while she is just sitting in their room, waiting, biting the nail polish off. Why should he be trusted? What baggage is he really bringing? Is he hers or not?

The One

The One


Harry. Jo. Kerry. Three's a crowd. Hell, maybe TWO's a crowd. Vicky Jones' biting and hilarious debut play explores relationships, love and hate, the power of sex, truth and lies, and karaoke


The Gog/Magog Project


In 2001, Alexander Gog embarked on a radical experiment in theatre, activism, and artistic expression. Following fifteen years in a cage, surviving on Moon Pies and The Daily Telegraph, Gog's psyche has become unfortunately - if quite entertainingly - rather frayed...