Blink Of An Eye

Blink LAU

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Wednesday 26th July  – 7.30pm

Thursday 27th July  – 7.30pm

Friday 28th July – 7.30pm

Saturday 29th July – 7.30pm

Sunday 30th July – 7.30pm

Blink Of An Eye
Written and Directed by Terry Gee

A tale of modern gay London; where dreams live and die and everything changes in the blink of an eye.

This brand new musical follows a young, gay man as he journeys through life with his eyes wide shut.

Blink of an Eye is a brand new musical written by Terry Gee with arrangements and additional lyrics by Andy Collyer. It is funny, emotional and compelling; a snapshot of modern gay life from one man’s perspective.

Themes in this show are aimed at a mature audience and not suitable for under 16s

Terry Gee – Writer and Director

Terry Gee_bio

Terry Gee grew up in the 1980s and spent a lot of his childhood writing and performing. On leaving school, he joined a local Television production company and within a year was directing a show for Yorkshire Television. At 18, Terry joined a pop group and moved to London. A few months later, the group disbanded and he returned to his native Yorkshire, becoming the editor of a national gay publication.

Throughout his life, Terry has been a writer for various publications and now devotes all of his time to working on his own novels and plays in his spare time. Treading boards across the world as a musical theatre performer taught him a lot about the stage and this combination of skills and experience has produced Terry’s first show: Blink of an Eye